Half a century of experience.

New generation Japanese tool steels.

The special tool steels of Daido Steel, are in Official Distributor Önerler' stock.

One-stop heat treatment and steel service for 4 generations.

Special solutions for your products.

Fast and reliable service.



Our company, which has 50 years of experience in heat treatment and steel industry, is one of the oldest contract heat treatment companies and steel traders of our country, is in the position of being a solution partner for industrial organizations in heat treatment and steel by combining today's technologies with its experience.

Light Speed Service

We are aware of how important time is for our customers. Within the framework of this awareness, we provide the fastest service to our valued customers by working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with our high heat treatment capacity, our equipment in different sizes that provide flexibility to our production, our bandsaw machine park, strong steel stock, wide stock variety.

Experienced Staff

 In the heat treatment and steel industry, working personnel are as important as machinery and equipment for excellent quality. In our company, we provide the best quality and service to our customers with our staff consisting of experts, doctors and engineers as well as experienced blue-collar personnel.

High technology

Our company, which uses the best and most advanced technologies of the heat treatment sector in machinery and equipment investments, thus ensures perfect repeatability in heat treatment and to guarantee control. At the same time, our company uses machinery and equipment with the most advanced technologies for steel cutting and stock management.


Since 1967, when we started to serve in the heat treatment sector, our company, which has always been trying to respond to all requests and demands of our customers with great devotion, continues to work as one of the leading companies in the sector, gaining the trust of more than 1000 customers today.

High Quality

As Önerler steel and heat treatment, our main goal is to provide the best quality to our customers. Our entire team acts with this awareness. In order to achieve this goal, all our devices and equipment have advanced technology and all processes we apply are carried out and recorded under computer control. Every steel in our stocks goes through the necessary checks.

About Us

Önerler Steel and Heat Treatment located in the center of the automotive and machinery industry Bursa, Turkey, our founder technical teacher Mr. Adem Öner started heat treatment activities with the electric furnace that he produced himself in 1960s and started importing tool steels and sales services in 1974.

Today, the heat treatment branch of our company meets the heat treatment needs of its customers from a single point with atmosphere-controlled furnaces, vacuum furnaces, nitriding furnaces, and induction hardening machines in its modern facility of approximately 5000 m2 located in BTSO OSB.; Apart from tempering, cementation, gas nitrocarburizing, gas nitriding, vacuum hardening, vacuum cementation, annealing, stress relief treatment, vacuum brazing, tempering, induction hardening, our company also provides technical support services for grinding, test - analysis, and also technical consultation for heat treatment and steel.

Our heat treatment branch was qualified for the QS-9000 certificate in 2001 and the IATF 16949 certificate as of 2006. In order to provide better quality service to space, the aviation and defense industry sector, whose heat treatment demand is constantly increasing in our country, our company has been qualified for the AS9100 quality certificate as of 2020.

The steel sales branch located in the Besevler Industrial Zone with its sales and the stock area. It continues to provide sales services of different types of cold work tool steel, hot work tool steel, plastic mold steel, impact steel, high speed steel, silver steel, powder metallurgical steels, and alloyed carbon steels.

Our company constantly follows the technological developments in its sector. With its investments, our company keeping its position as one of the pioneers in its sector. With our 50 years of experience, experienced staff, and 4 generations of family members, it is the business partner of national and international leading companies in their sector. technological developments in the sector of this technology with the constant pursuit of our investments and our company is one of the pioneers in Turkey with 50 years of experience, experienced staff and three generations duty steel teamed up with management staff is aware of and leader in the industry in thermal processing international and preferred solution of the domestic industry organizations is a partner.