AISI 1050 Manufacturing Steel

General information

It is a heat treatable steel known as low alloyed or unalloyed, also known as carbon steel.

It is frequently used in mold sets.

It has a higher yield point and tensile strength than 1040 thanks to its higher carbon and manganese content. The elongation at break is lower, meaning it is a less flexible material.

Carbon Steels Performance Chart

  • Yield Strength 49% 49%
  • Tensile Strength 92% 92%
  • Elongation at Break 24% 24%

The information given above is only for comparison with CARBON STEELS. For detailed technical information and information about material selection, please contact our technical team.

Chemical Composition

% Carbon
AISI 1050
% Silicon (Max.)
AISI 1050
% Manganese
AISI 1050
% Phosphorus (Max.)
AISI 1050
% Sulfur (Max.)
AISI 1050

Other information;

AISI 1050 at Önerler

  • 1050s in our stocks are mainly ASIL STEEL products,
  • Optimum microstructure,

  • Maximum performance,
  • Reliable manufacturer,
  • High homogeneity,
  • High machinability.

Stock Information

  • As a round, the diameter increases from 20mm to 1000mm with small intervals,
  • From 30x10mm to 600x300mm as flat bars and blocks,

Stock is kept continuously. For detailed stock measurements, please view our general stock list from the link below.

Click here to view our Önerler Çelik general stock list.

 We continuously diversify and strengthen our stocks in order to offer more suitable size options to our customers. 

Usage areas

  • Screws subjected to low stress,

  • Bolts,

  • Axles,

  • Miller,

  • In gears and low-life tools

widely used.